Nexus System

The Ra and Sol lights both utilise the Nexus System which uses Neodymium magnets to connect the PowerPacks. This makes for quick and easy replacement and simple rotation for on/off and high/low setting. All actions can be carried out by an assistant.
The Sol PowerPack simply attaches to the pocket or other parts of the tunic.

The PowerPacks are available with two capacities. Standard is 850mAh at 28 grams, the Plus (+) is 1400mAh at 36 grams.
Blue Led’s on the PowerPacks clearly indicate charge state when being used and when on the charge station.

With the Nexus system the Power Packs are simply attached to the wall charger.

Sense Technology

The Ra and Sol lights are both available with Sense Technology.

Once a PowerPack is connected the light can be operated with simple non contact actions. Turn on by placing a hand close to the sensor module for just over one second. Repeating the action will change light output from high/low, low/high. To turn off, hold the hand close to the sensor module for two seconds.

This technology uses infra red emitters and receivers to monitor the change caused by a hand. Ambient light is constantly monitored to ensure reliability.

The fact that the light can be controlled without having to touch it makes the system considerably more hygenic and convienient during a clinical procedure.

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